Natasha Green


Natasha Green - Personal Trainer


Natasha Green

I danced competitively from a very early age with the Association Of Dance & Freestyle Professionals. Everything from Ballroom & Latin American to Street Jazz. Gym and exercise has always been an integral part of my life and being a personal trainer & running my own company now gives me total career satisfaction. I provide a holistic & empathic approach to health management whilst an exercise regime is imperative. I aim to support you fully throughout your training in order to achieve sustainable results. You do not become what you think about... You become what you do!

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Natasha Green Personal Training


Lauren Dobbs- Personal Trainer

lauren dobbs


During my service in the British Army for 6 years I played rugby, hockey and football for the forces I also completed a tour of Afghanistan which ended last year. Since then I have become a Personal Trainer with YMCA. REPS Level 3. 
 In the 6 years spent in the army my fitness regime included tabbing with weight, circuits, battle PT, obstacle courses and pre deployment training in Jordan under extreme weather conditions.



Mark Philips- Personal Trainer

lauren dobbs


Mark Philips

I have been a professional footballer for 18 years and counting.
Within this time I have worked alongside some of the best athletes in the world plus some of the most elite strength and conditioning coaches and fitness instructors which I have learned greatly from about the cutting edge techniques in the fitness industry.

It was a natural progression that I use these experiences to help others achieve their own personal goals whatever they may be.

I like to keep my training fun, varied and interesting while always being adaptable to test every individual whatever level you are at.




Anna Ferla - Yoga Classes



Yoga Blackheath

Anna was introduced to yoga 14 years ago by her neighbour and friend Maria. For about 10 years she practised with Edith Simmons, an incredible teacher and woman, who taught her to observe, listen and so be aware of anything that happens in the body, breath and mind. Edith was also instrumental in Anna’s decision to train as a yoga teacher at Triyoga six years ago. Anna has been teaching Hatha yoga for over 5 years and her teaching, although different in style from Edith’s, aims to reflect the value of awareness and mindfulness .Anna’s classes focus on the importance of grounding and of lengthening the spine while bringing together the stillness of holding a posture for a few breaths and the movement of mindful dynamic flow.
Anna’s teaching style is also inspired by hiking and walking in the Italian Alps , where every little step has to be grounded and is equally important in reaching your destination.
Anna Teaches also antenatal and postnatal classes.




Jeffery Robinson - Personal Trainer




I would like to welcome Jeffery Robinson to the team, as a new Personal Trainer. He has a wealth of experience in delivering personal training programmes to a range of clients, including boxers, American footballers and anyone who wants a focused, friendly and professional fitness coach who gets results. Jeff is a valuable addition , so look out for a new, friendly face at my training sessions. Available for Personal Training also. 

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Daisy Whitbread - Nutritionist



Daisy is a fully qualified Nutritionist also trained in Nutritional Therapy. Daisy's areas of specialism include weight management, energy levels, anti-ageing, digestive disorders, hormonal problems, arthritis, dietary management of blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, food allergies/intolerances.

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