Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1: How soon will I see results?
A: "Performance improvement" can take place in as little as three days. "Visual improvement" can take from 2-4 weeks depending on your effort level. You should will take your own measurements before starting, and weight and again at the end. Remember, everyone is different, if you put in 100%, you'll get 100%.


Q2: Who should join "Healthy-On-The-Heath?"
A: If you are looking to make improvements in your overall physical appearance and well-being, you're at the right place! You feel more energized in your everyday life and you will look and feel more confident about yourself.


Q3: How many people will be on the camp?
A: Spaces are limited to between 15/20, so first come first trained and first fit.


Q4:Where do we meet?
A: Just infront of the steps of All Saints church on Blackheath.


Q5: What time does it start?
A: 6am, 7am, 8am & 9.30am and evenings 7.30pm. For more information click here.


Q6: On what days?
A: Mornings - Mondays, Wednesdays and Thurdays.

A: Evenings - Mondays and Wednesdays


Q7: How much is it?
A: £150 for 12 consecutive sessions over a 4 week period.


Q8: Can I pay now to secure my place?
A: Either by cheque, cash or on-line payment through debit or credit-card. Payment in full of £150. Just go to www.paypal.co.uk (My Paypal user name : info@natashagreenpersonaltraining.com) And remember I am that confident that you will lose inches and get fit by attending all 12 sessions and sticking to my nutritional advice for 4 weeks that you're guaranteed your money back if not!


Q9: Is it ever cancelled due to weather conditions?
A: Never.(As soon as you start moving you will feel plenty warm enough! Only a few layers please. Honestly!)


Q10: Who should join "Healthy-On-The-Heath?"
A:If you are looking to make improvements in your overall physical appearance and well-being,you're at the right place! You will feel more energized in your everyday life and you will look and feel more confident about yourself.


Q11: How long is each session?
A: Each session is 45-50 minutes so please be a few minutes early ready for the warm-up.


Q12: What happens if I miss a day?
A: It is required you attend all 12 sessions. If you do miss a session for whatever reason we will still be there. For the best results... get out of bed!


Q13:What if I want to take it to the next level?
A: I offer personal training for those individuals who wish to go further.


Q14: What do I need to wear?
A: Practical trainers and clothing (obviously lighter layers in the summer and heavier in the winter months). Check out this link to guide you in the right direction.


Q15: Are there any facilities for the toilet?
A: There is a Costa coffee very close by.


Q16: Will I feel sore or achy?
A: Most individuals will feel some muscle soreness but this will be alleviated by the bodies' strength gaining and also by stretching.


Q17: What will I do after "Healthy-On-The-Heath?"
A: After your first four weeks there is a week before the next one starts. You can sign up again at a lower cost of £120.00. Please email with the date of the next camp along with payment in full.


Q18: I will not know anyone and feel nervous. Should I still do it?
A: Of course. You will be made to feel more than welcome and you will be in it together with the people that are there for the first to the twelfth and final session.


Q19: I am too unfit. I won't be able to do most of it will I?
A: If you can run for a bus and do a couple of sit-ups you'll be fine. All the exercises are graded and you have the choice of doing each of them at varying levels, so do not worry.


Q20: Will I be made to pose for a 'Before' and 'After' picture?
A: No, however it is a very good idea and I recommend you do.


Q21: Will the trainer be screaming "Attennnnnnnssssssion!" at me?
A: Not at all. None of the trainers come from a military background. You will be alot more than just a number and spoken to by your name. (Gossiping definitely saved for coffee afterwards though).


Q22: Is there a fitness assessment?
A: Please download and complete this form then call Natasha on 0788 422 1343 to get you started and answer ANY questions you may have.

To be able to Complete A Physical Activity Readiness questionnaire online you will require Adobe Reader on your computer (Download Abobe Here ).

Q23: Will it be fun and challenging?
A: Yes!!


AND REMEMBER... You do not become what you think about... You become what you do!