Listed below are companies with which we are affiliated and have provided excellent, and on-going service.

Fitness Professionals. National Register Of Personal Trainers (N.R.P.T's).

The industry innovator, uphold the highest standard of service,provide valuable

information & a diverse range of products & resources designed to inspire excellence

& link the industry, professionals & individuals worldwide.

An organisationation that has been established over a decade in the UK & is committed to

setting & maintaining the highest standards in the fitness industry.Membership Coordinator, Adele


Email: adele@nrpt.co.uk






Premier Physiotherapist, Health & Sport Therapy.


Desert Springs Sports & Fitness Packages.

Premier is a group of Chartered Physiotherapists and Medical Professionals

who provide a comprehensive service of treatment & advise for

muscular-skeletal injuries & conditions.

Recognised by all major private medical insurance companies.

On site Physiotherapist at Gymbox Mon - Fri

Email: info@premiertherapy.co.uk


Daley Thompson, the world's greatest ever all-round sportsperson, is offering unique

fitness sessions for individuals who want to kick-start their fitness or take their fitness

to new levels, whilst at the same time

train with an Olympic legend. The programmes take place in Almeria, Spain at the

award winning Desert Springs family leisure resort

and golf club.

E-mail: fitness@almanzora.co.uk







Register of Exercise Professionals.

abel & cole.

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) has been set up to help safeguard

and to promote the health and interests of people who are using the services of

exercise and fitness instructors, teachers and trainers.

Email: info@exerciseregister.org

Abel & Cole deliver organic fruit and vegetable boxes.

Email: organics@abelandcole.co.uk




Hire Fitness.

Natasha Green Natasha Green

They have a domestic range of equipment which They hire out for periods

from 8 to 52 weeks as well as commercial models which are normally on

a minimum 28 week basis. They also provide maintenance contracts on

gym equipment and deal with installations for offices and salons.

They also sell all models and have a range of new and previously hired stock.

Email: kmwall@hirefitness.co.uk

Get nature delivered and eat more heathly foods.

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Elite Foam Roller.
Natasha Green Natasha Green

This ingenious handheld device aims to help improve breathability, using

resistance training to strengthen the muscles around the lungs. The

Powerbreathe helps to reduce breathlessness, improve lung capacity

or enhance performance in swimming, running and endurance sports.


A foam roller is an essential piece of kit to help your mobility and muscle recovery.

Used before and after a workout it can help loosen muscular tightness and is more

effective than stretching alone.




Greenwich Me Time.
The London Podiatry Centre
a s

Anyone looking to enhance their fitness programme by dealing with all

those post exercise aches and pains, or for anyone who just needs to

relax from the stresses of daily life, should take advantage of a 10%

discount for all Natasha Green's clients and book an hour's deep tissue

massage/sports massage with Susan at Greenwich Me Time Massage. 

Regular massage whilst training helps to repair muscle damage faster

enabling you to reach your goals and potential more quickly!  Based

locally in Westcombe Park, Susan has a clinic in her house and offers

a range of massage treatments. 


Providing the most clinically-advanced care to patients seeking conservative treatment

or foot surgery for foot-related sports injuries, biomechanical problems, foot

abnormalities and painful ailments

  • Biomechanical and surgical treatment of sports injuries
  • Computerised gait analysis
  • Foot function correction with via tailor-made orthoses
  • Holistic injury management and rehabilitation programmes for complex injuries of the legs, pelvis and back

Mr Ron McCulloch

Podiatric Surgeon and Centre Director




Tea Pigs.


They sell teas of the highest quality. They will never compromise

on quality. It also means they sell only whole leaf tea from selected

estates, which they supply either as loose leaf or in tea temples. 

Vanbrugh Physio Clinic - Physio London.


Don't suffer with pain or restricted movement - physiotherapy can help. The experienced team of Physiotherapists & Massage Therapists are available to help you. Treating a broad range of conditions, using hands-on treatment techniques and a tailor made program of exercises.

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360 Degrees Massage.

Liz is an experianced massage therapist.

Passionate about helping people achieve their potential.

Monte Bay Retreat.


Monte Bay Retreat will be held in the luxury 5 star Hotel Per Astra, on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro in the beautiful UNESCO listed village of Perast.